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A plan meets a pandemic

Rogue Origin had a plan for 2020. To help launch their online business they were going to sponsor a full slate of live concerts to bring people together, support incredible Americana acts all over the country and celebrate a new chapter in Rogue Origin’s story. It was supposed to be the culmination of everything they’d been working towards and a perfect way to give back to the music they’d listened to season after season out on the farm in the Rogue Valley.

And then 2020 had other plans. The coronavirus pandemic hit, closing businesses left and right and keeping musicians from the road and venues from opening their doors. Carefully crafted marketing plans went out the window and everyone went into survival mode.

Which is where Goodbeast swooped in to help the Rogue Origin team conjure up a new plan.

Goodbeast rescues Rogue Origin’s 2020 event marketing plan from the pandemic with Rogue Origin Live, a nationally syndicated live concert series featuring the new guard of Americana music and giving the just-launched e-commerce store a vital boost of SEO traffic at a critical time.

Making the connection

Rogue Origin called on their musician friends far and wide, and Goodbeast knew just what to do to keep the dream alive. The reboot was Rogue Origin Live, a series of free online concerts featuring some of Rogue Origin’s favorite Americana acts. It took faith and a little getting used to, with the first shows broadcast from iPhones and played in musician’s living rooms, but it didn’t take long for the energy of the boundary-breaking project to take hold. Building on the show’s popularity, the next step was a fully-fledged nationally syndicated livestream on, the new immersive livestreaming platform from legendary “Fare Thee Well” promoter Peter Shapiro. The divide between the physical and digital world came crashing down with a social-distancing-friendly concert streamed live from the farm.

Summoning up-and-coming voices into listeners’ homes and backyards, the series not only spread the word about Rogue Origin’s new online shop but gave life to the indie music industry in a time of unprecedented need. It reminded Rogue Origin of why it exists in the first place — to provide people with the kind of refuge and relief we’re in need of now more than ever. To be a business invested not only in itself but in the community it’s patching together flower by flower and now, concert by concert.


A fixture of the future

The Rogue Origin Live project has been such a breakthrough for Rogue Origin and its fans that there’s no endpoint in sight. Whenever life finally does return to normal, the sponsored concert series is an offering fans of Rogue Origin can expect well into the future.

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