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Ironwood LogisticsRe-launching a B2B Brand

Branding and Web Design

Out With the Old. In With the New…Brand.

Under new leadership, St. Cloud Cold Storage needed to communicate the new values, spirit of innovation, and trustworthiness they had worked so hard to cultivate. From the overall look and messaging—and new company name—they needed to rise above and stand out from the competition. Enter Goodbeast with new branding designed to create and reveal their new identity as Ironwood, a leading third-party logistics firm.

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Making Cold Storage Even Cooler

Working closely with the St. Cloud team throughout the engagement, we set out to develop a new brand and architect and deploy a site to feature it, as well as a CMS platform to scale and evolve as the company expanded.

In order to enable new B2B sales and products—and set the stage for expansion—Goodbeast did a research deep dive to develop a brand concept tailored to the unique needs of the refrigerated warehouse and cold storage business and its targeted market segments.

In the Audience Strategy Phase, we used secondary research and first-hand interviews—with actual and potential customers—to understand the St. Cloud Cold Storage customer. Then, to bring the research to life, we developed target customer personas and a total customer journey—with key metrics to track it all and develop an analytics plan for capturing metrics on the website.

Based on the Audience Strategy, we worked collaboratively with the St. Cloud team, first providing low-fidelity prototypes like paper sketches and mood boards of art and copy. Then, we created more elaborate mockups, tested, and refined…and then tested and refined again, to provide an executable blueprint for the new brand and website.


Introducing Ironwood

After the final brand concept was approved, we built the site based on the final prototype and technology recommendations to create something truly unique and special, and we’re excited to see the market discover who they are now.

Goodby St. Cloud Cold Storage. Hello Ironwood Logistics.

Check out—and see the rebranding for yourself.

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