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Shopify Development Case Study

Not (just) the Pokemon Go! People.

Niantic’s Pokémon Go! is one of the most recognized brands in the world. But brand awareness and search volume for Niantic’s augmented reality games far outpaced those of the Niantic brand itself. As the game-maker prepared to step out on their own with a slew of upcoming new augmented reality games, we outfitted them with the means to get the recognition they deserved.

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With our partner Advoc8 on creative, we launched the Niantic Supply e-commerce site to even the awareness score and captivate Niantic’s readymade base of explorers with merchandise tailor-made to level up outdoor gaming. This wasn’t about re-skinning a Shopify template; it took UX leadership on the front end, implementing custom designs and iterating on them. We then guided Niantic through release planning and integrated marketing alignment to deploy their new blazing-fast, high-performance, global e-commerce site.

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