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Related Work: Sassy WoofWeb Design

With a genuine love of dogs and some paw-some products, Sassy Woof wanted to keep up with recent business growth and achieve an even deeper connection to their customers. So we got to work, tailoring a new web design to match their refreshed brand.

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-Kimberly C., Worker Rights Consortium
"Goodbeast responded quickly and effectively to our need for a modern and user-friendly website. They were able to explain things well and speak in a way that I understood, and their implementation of our website was excellent. We truly love working with Goodbeast and are appreciative of all the work they put in!"
-Kimberly C., Worker Rights Consortium
-Kimberly C., Worker Rights Consortium
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Related Work: National Association of ManufacturersCustom Web Development

When the call came in to create an in-depth, online, interactive experience for a nationally respected organization—we answered.

The effects of COVID-19 had interrupted the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) plans for the Creators Wanted mobile tour. But they didn’t just come to us to develop and launch the NAM Creators Wanted website, they came to us to create an impactful transformation with real results. We did just that by delivering a beautiful interactive hub for industry career advancement in modern manufacturing— ultimately reaching 15-20 million students and emerging workers. That’s what we call a true virtual streaming success story.

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Related Work: Social Solutions InternationalHeadless CMS

As advocates for diversity, a sustainable environment, human rights and needs, education, and justice, Social Solutions International Inc.’s (SSI) top priority was to bring resources to a vast global population using a culturally competent approach. But their digital presence was falling flat and not effectively showcasing their true reach, passion, and impact.

Collaborating closely, we reimagined and designed the site with the brand’s vibrant new illustration-based aesthetic in an intuitive Headless Content Management System (CMS). The comprehensive online brand and content refresh boasted a diverse global appeal while being simple enough to have an immediate impact.

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