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Experiential Marketing Agency

Opportunity Out of the Ordinary

We're here to imagine the extraordinary and bring it to life with unique physical and digital experiences that leave audiences in awe. As experts in both the online and live worlds of marketing, we reimagine what's possible to create and deliver transformational experiences that are memorable, engaging, and relevant to your audience. Our interactive installations for out-of-home advertising, event marketing, and online fundraising will help you connect, inspire, and get real results.

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Related Work: Nationwide Children’s HospitalIoT Marketing

Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH)—one of the largest and most comprehensive pediatric hospitals and research institutes in the United States—wanted to create buzz for their holiday giving campaign in a dramatic, public way. Our team got to work building over 180 multi-colored butterfly sculptures designed to illuminate in real-time when somebody donated, as well as a nightly interactive light show for the kids in the hospital.

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Related Work: Children's National HospitalIoT Marketing

When presented with a unique opportunity to connect CHF donors and beneficiaries in a moment of hope and delight, we were all in to Light Up Dr. Bear! The goal was to station hundreds of glowing, toddler-sized bears and donation signage in prominent locations throughout the DC-metro area so passersby could donate via text, and give light to every Dr. Bear- creating an illuminating light show throughout the city. Get the details on how it all went.

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Related Work: Portland Winter Light FestivalExperiential Marketing

We were excited to bring art, technology, and the people of Portland together at the 2023 Portland Winter Light Festival. The year's theme was “The Light of Stars.” Passages to other worlds are a key part of our brand identity, and we wanted to take our audience out of this world. With inspiration from images taken by NASA’s James Webb Telescope, we designed, constructed, and illuminated “Portal to the Stars: An Interactive Light Experience.” The installation was displayed in Pioneer Courthouse Square, and immersed visitors in thousands of star-like lights and constellations.

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