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Crafting a Sustainable LegacyCrafting a Sustainable Legacy

Brand Development Case Study

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The Evolution of Brew to Moo's Brand

In a world where beer, cows, and communities come together, a remarkable product was born—Brew-to-Moo, an extraordinary creation by Wilbur-Ellis. This innovative venture upcycles beer-making byproducts like spent grain and yeast and ships them to local farms and ranches to provide a unique and sustainable livestock feed solution.

Brew-to-Moo sought an equally "hoppy" and distinctive presence to stand out in the market. That's where Goodbeast stepped in, crafting a creative and captivating brand identity.

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Brewing Brilliance for Brand Success

To claim its place in the market, Wilbur-Ellis partnered with Goodbeast to establish a solid brand to bring Brew-to-Moo out of R&D and into the spotlight by showcasing how they address environmental challenges and benefit the agricultural industry.

Facilitating Brew-to-Moo's brand transformation, Goodbeast's expertise encompassed a range of services, including visionary brand strategy, captivating logo design, cutting-edge website development, and impactful print collateral design.

The project journey started with Goodbeast conducting in-depth research to understand the target audience of brewers, informing Brew-to-Moo's brand strategy, and ensuring a resonant brand experience. Then, the creative team worked to create a consistent and captivating brand experience for Brew-to-Moo across multiple channels and applications, ensuring their brand identity remained prominent. The result was a brand identity aligned with Brew-to-Moo's innovative and sustainable nature, including the logo, color palette, typography, iconography, website mockups, and tailored marketing materials.

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An Udderly Satisfying Experience Launched

The collaboration between Wilbur-Ellis and Goodbeast's brand strategy and marketing materials was vital in effectively communicating Brew-to-Moo's value, giving the product the exposure it needed to gain trust and traction in the sustainable agriculture industry.

Check out the Brew-to-Moo site for a taste of sustainable magic and discover the art of transforming beer into a greener future.

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